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The feedback from the attendees of our workshops have been extremely positive!  In fact, much of the business that we receive has been by word-of-mouth from our satisfied clients.

Here is what some of the attendees of our workshops have to say:

"My name is Edward Jacobson and I'm the Chief Operations Officer for Alchamar Enterprises. Let me tell you about my experience with LYC Corporate Training. They held a three day workshop for our management team and it was absolutely awesome! Their innovative and realistic approach to Cycles in the workplace was phenomenal and our staff has benefited tremendously from it.  I highly recommend any Human Resource Director or COO to take the workshops, not only for your management team but for your entire company."

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---  Edward Jacobson, COO

"I'm not surprised at all.  I have heard several comments from the managers who have attended the Keys To Management & Cycles workshops that were held.  LYC, I say thank you very much!  Everyone who has attended your training has been singing your praises, so keep it up!"

---  F. Coriangle, General Manager, Management Training Division (Human Resources)

"The Learn Your Cycles For Success workshop was excellent!  I learned so much and am eager to apply my newfound knowledge about my Cycles to improve and excel within my business and for my own self-development."

---  Dr. H. Rawlings, Educator

"LYC Training is a very powerful and practical-oriented consortium.  I have experienced a workshop with them for two days and have no regrets at all.  It pays greatly!  Their work and influence go beyond what you see or read on their website.  They are very intensive, thought-provoking, practically challenging, and the training is based on everyday issues of concern.  It translates intelligence and logic into reality. Go for it!!!"

---  Frederick Dun-Dery, University Student

"Before the LYC Corporate Training workshops I never heard of Cycles much less how they could affect the interrelations and the productivity of a corporation. My ignorance was a blessing however because it allowed me to fully absorb this highly innovative concept. I understand now that Cycles are in everything, it's just that our personal and business cycles get ignored most of the time. The presenters were entertaining as well as informative. We plan on scheduling our entire management team to attend the workshops. Thanks again LYC!"

---  Margaret Jackson, Director of Human Resources

"I must say finally that, we, all of us in this room, have attended training upon training but yours has been one special kind!  We are so grateful for all that we have learned in the past 2 days.  I really wish we could have some more!  Thank you."

---  D. Afewu, General Manager

"The LYC Corporate Training workshops help to position you and your company for the future. Their creative approach to the subject matter also cast away all fears of the unknown because for the first time I know what is in store for me and my business.  I no longer worry or stress myself over problems or challenges.  Now I take them as they come and use them as lessons to improve and excel.  Our customer service rating improved almost 200% after our employees attended your training."

---  Samuel Mensah, CEO

"I have thoroughly enjoyed and have greatly benefited from the knowledge of how cycles have been impacting our company's productivity.  It truly opened our eyes to so much that was right in front of us and we began implementing the suggestions from the LYC training. I highly recommend these workshops for anyone who is serious about working towards a state of self-mastery in addition to a prosperous business."

---  Frank Thatcher, Trader

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