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Training Workshops

Conference Room Our training workshops cater to a variety of businesses from brand new companies or organisations, to those that are in their first years of operation to seasoned companies who want to maximize their employees skills and abilities.  Our training is for all employees on all levels, from CEO to non-management personnel.

NOTE:  If you have a specific topic that your company or organisation would like to see included in one of the relative workshops below, let us know.  We will be happy to customise any of the following workshops to further suit your needs.

Developing Your Organisational Culture
Keys To Management & Cycles
The Secrets To Leadership & Cycles
Customer Service - Cross Cultural Training & Cycles
Learn Your Cycles for Success
Resolving Your Mood In The Workplace & Relationships
The Influence Of Cycles In Negotiations
Wealth Management & Cycles

Developing Your Organisational Culture  (2 Days)

The objective of this workshop is to provide your organisation with specific ideas that can be implemented immediately and the techniques that can influence colleagues and subordinates to take ownership in order to enable the day-to-day practices and procedures of their division or department to be more in harmony with your company's culture.  We provide managers with a thorough understanding of "culture" with focus on "organisational culture" in either the public or private sector.
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Keys To Management & Cycles  (2 - 3 Days) 

This training goes to the heart of every corporation or group. We provide keys to unlocking the greatest potential of your management team. The workshop will generate confidence and rekindle the passion for success so that those in attendance can begin to find workable and sustainable solutions to issues and challenges in their business. The workshop will also provide real life scenarios that prepare managers and supervisors across all levels to tackle problems head on with knowledge and enthusiasm.

NOTE:  A 3-day version of this workshop is also available and is designed for newly hired managers and/or those who have been recently promoted from staff to management.  
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The Secrets to Leadership & Cycles  (2 Days)

This workshop is a must for any current or aspiring leader in business, universities or organisations. Within “The Secrets to Leadership & Cycles” workshop, you, your staff or team will be trained on some of the timeless secrets to leadership and governance.  We will instruct you, your executive or management team on the art of persuasive communication through Cycles.  You will also be equipped with the application of Cycle knowledge and skills that develop the effective motivation demanded from today’s leaders.  In addition, this workshop will highlight the most common pitfalls and traps that many leaders are likely to fall into and, more importantly, how to avoid them.
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Customer Service - Cross Cultural Training & Cycles  (2 - 3 Days)

This is one of the top workshops for customer service. This workshop simplifies the art of customer relations and how the Mood Cycle plays a crucial role in not only customer retention, but also customer referrals and growth. We train attendees on how learning the mechanics of the Mood Cycle will allow them to become more flexible and adaptable when delivering premium customer service to both foreigners and natives alike. This course transforms customer service into an activity that will prove to be rewarding and fun for not only your customers, but also for the members of your team.
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Learn Your Cycles For Success  (3 Days)

This is one of our signature training workshops. This training will cover, in great detail, exactly what Cycles are and how this empowering knowledge can be used to create a more productive and efficient work environment. We will address the three main Cycles that affect business success which are the Will Power Cycle, Mood Cycle and Fortune Cycle.  Attendees will learn actual scenarios and business applications on how the cycles of your staff, particularly management, is affecting the company’s business relations, capital gains, employee motivation and loyalty, and customer growth and retention.
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Resolving Your Mood In The Workplace & Relationships  (1 - 2 Days)

This is one of the most powerful training workshops that we offer.  Think of how much we suffer everyday because of our moods or the moods of others.  When people can easily make us angry or sad, that has an effect on our quality of life.  Recent studies have proven that the most successful people in business are the ones who are able to maintain jovial and uplifting moods even in the face of hostile environments. Sometimes it's our own lack of mood control and confidence that allow people to take advantage of us.  Well trouble yourself NO MORE!  With the LYC Corporate Training "Resolving Moods in the Workplace & Relationships" 1-Day workshop we will teach you proven techniques to create healthy and pleasant moods for almost any situation whether at work, in university or in relationships.  Do not be surprised if after attending this training workshop that people begin to ask how is it that you seem happy all the time or that you never seem quick to anger.  We will show you methods to change your moods that will be easy to understand and simple to apply.  You will learn how to engage all of your senses to help adjust your mood almost instantly.  The workshop will also include an evaluation of what truly makes you happy so you can start using that to your benefit right away.  Don't miss this opportunity to begin changing your life for the better. After you attend our Mood Cycle workshop we are confident that you will love the new you!
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The Influence Of Cycles In Negotiations  (2 - 3 Days)

The success of any business largely depends on its ability to negotiate. With this advanced training comes the knowledge of new techniques in achieving “Win-Win” outcomes to any negotiation. We will teach you and/or your team how to develop into superior strategists. You will learn the signs and indicators that reveal your counterpart’s position and how the Fortune & Mood Cycles allow you to gain the greatest advantage with your competitors and customers.
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Wealth Management & Cycles  (2 Days)

In addition to management, we highly recommend that those that deal directly the company finances attend this advanced training workshop. Wealth Management is one of the key components that can make or break any business or organisation. This workshop is designed to train your team on the hidden, yet critical, applications of both the Fortune Cycle and Will Power Cycle regarding the management of wealth. We will provide the concepts employed by some of the world’s wealthiest corporations and demonstrate how your business or organisation can adopt these principles to their own financial attitude and well-being.
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