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Few Words About Us

Photo of Abunu K. Minka - Expert Trainer & Consultant

LYC Corporate Training & Consulting, a division of Magnetar Global, has a presence in the United States, United Kingdom and West Africa. Collectively its' Certified Trainers & Consultants have over 90 years of experience and hold 3 Doctorates (PhDs) & 5 Masters Degrees in various disciplines such as leadership development, business management, strategic planning, sales, international and cross-cultural relations, negotiations, project management, engineering (various), customer service, wealth management and education.

Our experience also cover areas such as behavioural sciences, circadian biology, chronobiology, biorhythmic analysis and their role in the Metaphysics of business. 

Several years have been invested in the research, development and analysis of Nun Cyclosis (Cycles Analysis) for the purpose of educating and enhancing lives and organisations.

After initially working with a select few, the many requests to educate leaders, managers, companies and organisations and to share this unparalleled training and self-development philosophy increased significantly.  This gave birth to LYC Corporate Training & Consulting in the form of Training, Seminars, Motivational Speaking, Consultation & Executive Coaching.

Our Mission

We strive for perfection, and consequently, receive immense positive feedback from our attendees.  We take our work and clients seriously, and as such, our training workshops are continually customised to meet the client's specific requirements.  We value our clients' business and will go out of our way to ensure that each training session exceeds their expectations.

Our Services

LYC Corporate Training & Consulting is a specialised business management  training and consulting company that offers training, consultation and executive coaching in Advanced Management, Leadership, Advanced Strategy, Success Training, Negotiations, Wealth Management, Human Resources, Customer Services and more.

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Our Clients

We serve numerous markets worldwide with clients and potential clients in the following areas:

  • Corporations / Companies
  • Existing & Aspiring Leaders
  • Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Education
  • University Students, Organisations, Alumni  & Faculity
  • Government Institutions and Ministries
  • Human Resources
  • NGO's
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Ports and Transport
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

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